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ZEV TECHNOLOGIES PRO Compensator V2 1/2×28 Threads 9mm Black

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N° Article : 100033415

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Make Your Glock Pistol More Controllable Than Ever
Want to reduce muzzle rise and lessen the recoil on your Glock G19 without making it cumbersome to carry? The Zev Technologies Glock V2 PRO Compensator offers the benefits of a muzzle brake without compromising your ability to carry and conceal your handgun. Each Zev Glock V2 PRO Compensator builds on the success of the company's original compensator design by providing an enlarged guide-rod channel, contoured ports and a mounting system that doesn't require thread-locking compound for a secure, tight fit. When installed on a Glock G19, the overall profile of the gun matches the footprint of the Glock G34, and the system will fit most G34 holsters. Though the Zev V2 PRO Compensator was designed for the G19, the system will work on all 9mm Glock handgun barrels with the same thread pitch. The company recommends matching recoil-spring weight to your pistol and ammunition type for the best possible performance. Available thread pitches are 1/2x28 TPI and 13.5x1mm
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