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Vortex PA-9 Glock 9mm Silencer

199.00 taxe incluse

The VORTEX sound reducer is designed for 9 mm calibre Automatic Pistols with oscillating or rotating barrels.
In order to ensure a normal operating cycle of the weapon, it includes an inertial amplifier, and is mounted on a barrel threaded with the usual pitches.

Like all Sound reducer VORTEXs, this model is designed to withstand the most demanding conditions of use.
It is distinguished by its robustness and acoustic performance, and can also be dismantled for regular maintenance.
In order to avoid any condensation, we recommend that you systematically dismantle your silencer from the weapon between 2 sessions of use.

Weight: 450 grs
Gun extension: 195 mm
Sound attenuation: 28/33dB (A)
Mouth Flame Removal: TOTAL
Dimensions (Length X Diameter): 205x39 mm

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