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Enhance Your Gen 4 Glock~

The Glock Gen 4 pistol series provides pistol owners with a number of enhancements and upgrades over the company's Gen 3 lineup, and owners of the Gen 4 Glock can improve upon their pistol's ergonomics and handling capabilities even further with the Talon Gen 4 Glock Grip Tape.

The Talon Gen 4 Glock Grip Tape adheres securely to the frame of the gun and provides a solid surface enhancement, even on Glock's RTF frame options. Should users decide they don't want the tape anymore, it comes off without permanently altering the frame in any way.

  • Comes in rubber and granulate textures
  • Color: black
  • Features all control cutouts
  • Fits Glock G19, G23, G25, G32 and G38

The Talon Gen 4 Glock Grip Tape ensures full coverage on the side panels, thumb rest, backstrap, finger grooves and beneath the trigger guard.

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