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Solutions Trauma – Trauma Pouch® M (for Basic/ Intermediate IFAK Kit)

19.90 taxe incluse

N° Article : CELOPS 4089



Essential to protect and carry your IFAK Celops everywhere and at all times.

Specially designed to contain the IFAK Celops, this pouch has benefited from all our field experience and exchanges with other operators.

As for our kits, our books, our trainings, we develop our own tools so that they correspond to our vision of the needs and realities of the field, of the context, but also of the users.

This pouch is not to be considered as a multi-purpose kit, but rather as the exclusive case of your IFAK Celops, it has been thought for this use and only for this use.

Made of Cordura® in Belgium and France, it is designed to be simple and resistant. It opens quickly, even if the user is wearing gloves. It wraps the kit perfectly, preventing it from flapping around on the belt while providing optimal protection from the environment (weather and terrain conditions).

MOLLE attachment. Thanks to this attachment, consisting of belt loops and MOLLE loops, the IFAK can be attached to most belts on the market (including load belts), but also to any MOLLE equipment or platform.

This pouch will therefore suit any type of user and configuration.

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