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N° Article : SS-M


The Slate Stop is a drop in/screw-on upgrade for any grip, rail or any in-spec MLOK compatible system  Unlike other angled hand-stops, the Slate Stop’s unique design presents the user with multifaceted implementation methods. Designed by military and competition shooters, the shapes and angles of the Slate Stop are optimized to improve the user’s ability to control recoil, gain stability while shooting on barricades or objects, and comfortably carry and move the firearm while not actively employing it. Beyond this, the base principle of ensuring the user’s hand does not slip, specifically in front of the muzzle, remains a core element of the product. The Slate Stop boasts high temperature resistance, full MLOK lugs, and steel hardware to ensure the upmost level of durability. The Slate Stop interphases directly with the SBI Slate Grips to present the best possible grip and profile for the user.  SBI’s FDE is a "peanut-butter" brown, and ODG is a direct match for Magpul's coloration. Sometimes photography may show it in a skewed color depending on the studio lights used. Material: fiber reinforced high-temp polymer. [Size: 1.34in tall]

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