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Pulsar PSP-V Weaver Rail Adapter


N° Article : 79179

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The PSP-V adapter is designed for mounting Proton and Krypton FXG50 thermal imaging scopes onto optical scopes on hunting and sporting guns with Weaver/Picatinny rails, including those based on MSR (Modern Sporting Rifles) / AR-15 platforms.

Quickly detach and attach to the rail

A thermal imaging attachment is firmly screwed to the adapter using a threaded connection. The PSP-V adapter attaches to the Weaver/Picatinny rail with a reliable lever clamp that ensures quick detachment and attachment on the rail in front of the day optic.

Compatibility with a wide range of daylight optics

The PSP-V adapter combines Krypton and Proton thermal imaging attachments with a wide range of daylight riflescopes while adjusting the lens clearance and mounting height. The design allows to adjust the height of the device to better adapt its optical axes to the daytime optics.

Fine positioning of the screen of the attachment within the field of view

The position of the screen of the attachment in the field of view of an optical rifle scope is adjusted using a special precision mechanical device.

The precise positioning mechanism enables an infrared image to be perfectly aligned in the field of view of the daylight optics in order to achieve maximum viewing comfort and information gain.

Protection of the optics from ambient light and moisture

A protective lens hood made of silicone is attached to the rear of the adapter facing the day scope. When used during the day, at sunset or at sunrise, the lens hood blocks ambient light from the lens of the scope's daylight optics and protects against flashes of light. When used in rain or snow, it protects the eyepiece of the thermal imaging attachment and the scope.

High operational reliability

The PSP-V adapter consists of steel and aluminum components. The adapter offers high operational reliability and durability with low weight. The PSP-V adapter is designed for long-term and intensive use with large-calibre hunting guns.

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