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Protectiongroup TQR 2.0 – Plate carrier

333.00 taxe incluse

N° Article : PGD 4039


TQR 2.0 Plate carrier

The TQR 2nd generation (Tactical Quick Release) plate carrier is designed to meet the most advanced military and police requirements. The TQR plate carrier system is based on many years of experience and development. The TQR 2.0 plate carrier system comes as standard with our THOR cummerbund.

The THOR cummerbund belt accepts NIJ IIIA soft armor **(22*12 cm S/M and 32*12 cm L/XL), which is designed to overlap with the front of the plate carrier for full fragment protection. In addition, it is possible to add hard armor plates in the size 15x20 cm. The THOR cummerbund is made in 2 different sizes for a perfect fit.

The TQR 2.0 plate carrier is made in full original 500 denier Cordura, which is IRR safe and water resistant. The webbing and shoulder strap are made of polyamide webbing which has a breaking strength of up to 1472 kg.

In addition, we have integrated the shoulder strap and cummerbund come with the unique quick release buckles from Italian 2M, which in an emergency can be released 3 times as fast versus normal velcro..

which allows you to upgrade the carrier system with biceps, collar, throat and groin protection with our NIJ 0101.06 certified IIIA soft armor.

Product specifications:

  • Accepts ESAPI S-XL and 30x25 cm hard armor plates
  • Cummerbund overlaps on the front for maximum fragment protection
  • Cummerbund accepts up to 20x15 cm hard armor plates
  • Cummerbund is available in 2 different sizes
  • Quick release ranges from Italian 2M™
  • ORIGINAL 500d Cordura™ (crye precision multicam)
  • IRR safe
  • Water repellent
  • 3D spacer mesh for sweat and heat reduction.

TQR 2.0 plate carrier has 3D spacer mesh, which reduces perspiration and heat. In addition, 3D spacer mesh also provides protection against blunt force trauma, and the plate carrier system is comfortable to wear.

**Soft armor for TQR 2.0 plate carrier is only made on demand!

Specifications for TQR 2.0 Plate carrier

*Specifications Hard armor plates

Size Small / Medium accepts:

  • 227 * 303 mm / 8.75 "x11.75" (S ESAPI)
  • 246 * 323 mm / 9.5 "x12.5" (M ESAPI)
  • 300x250 mm (30x25 cm plates is recommended for S/M)

Size Large / X-large accepts:

  • 265 * 342 mm / 10.25 "x13.75" (L ESAPI)
  • 285 * 361 mm / 11 "x14" (XL ESAPI)

All sizes (S/M & L/XL) accept 150*200 mm side plates.

*Specifications for Cordura

  • Original Multicam 500D Cordura, Westridge invista cordura, see. MIL-DTL-32489 T3 C3, GL/PD 10-07, IRR safe, PU coated, DWR and water resistant.
  • Black is 500D Cordura, PU coated, DWR and water resistant.
  • OD green is Cordura, see. TL8305-0278, IRR-safe, PU coated, DWR and water resistant.

*Specifications for webbing

  • Multicam webbing is MIL-W-17337, A-A-55301 T-III and IRR-safe.
  • Black webbing is MIL-W-17337.
  • OD green webbing is TL 8305-0281 and IRR safe
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