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Protectiongroup PGD-Alpha carrier system PGD-ULTRA IIIA + Stab/Spike level 1

569.00 taxe incluse

N° Article : PGD-Ultra-IIIA


PGD-Alpha carrier system

The PGD-Alpha is a our high-end carrier system, made with durable fabrics.

The Alpha carrier system is designed for concealable use, where the OutlastⓇ technology makes it possible to wear this body armor up to 14 hours, as the technology regulates your body temperature, so you always feel “just right”.
The outer fabric of the carrier system is made in thin fabric which is durable for tear resistance and everyday use.

The PGD-Alpha has a ergonomic cut, so the body armor can be used for everyday use without compromising on the protection area.

The PGD-Alpha carrier system is our most advanced carrier system for concealable use. The Alpha carrier system is lined with Outlast PCM technology, which can regulate according to your body temperature. This means that if you are cold, the Outlast technology will keep you warm, and vice versa, if you’re warm and sweaty the Outlast will help you to release the heat, which results in a unique bullet proof vest that can be worn up to 12-14 hours due to the Outlast technology as it regulates so you feel just right.

The Alpha carrier system is originally designed for the Alpha + Ultra soft armor inserts.

Product specifications

  • Made for any body types. Can be adjusted with velcro in sides and shoulders.
  • Durable fabric for long term use
  • 2 years warranty on carrier system
  • Lined with Outlast® PCM technology which keeps you at the right body temperature
  • Ballistic plate pockets in front and back 20×25 cm (10×8 inches)


Designed for heavy duty operations that requires multi-threat protection, the PGD Ultra is designed to stop the most advanced ballistic and stab/spike threats!

The laminated aramid construction, made with Twaron aramid offers a great solution which can be used for both our concealable and overt carrier systems.

PGD Ultra is a multi-threat system designed to stop ballistic threats, as well as spikes and knifes.

Made in laminated Twaron aramid, you get a solution thats designed for heavy duty tasks which has been tested in accordance with NIJ IIIA 0101.06 & NIJ lvl 1 0115.00 (S1,P1 and Spike). 

The soft armor is sealed with our Ultrasonic heat sealing technology, making it 100% water resistant.

  • NIJ standard 0101.06 & NIJ 0115.00
  • Thickness insert: 11 mm
  • S1, P1 and Spike level 1 (NIJ 0115.00)
  • Areal density: 7.5 kg/m2
  • Flexibility: 7/10
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