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Plaque Protectiongroup Lightweight hard armor | NIJ 3 (III) | PGD-LW+


N° Article : NIJ3-ICW

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Specifications for PGD-Lightweight-ICW

  • Ballistic: Tested to NIJ level III ICW

  • In Conjunction With: ​​Requires NIJ 3a soft armor (you can buy 3a soft armor backer here)

  • Lightweight: The SAPI plate weighs only 1,25 kg / 2.8 lbs.

  • Thickness: 20 mm

  • Size 30x25 cm / 10x12 inches

  • SAPI cut

  • Maximum comfort: Multi curved

  • Water-repellent cover against oil and similar liquids

  • Long warranty: 7 year warranty

Note that the black is made in a pure black cover without the colored print on the front.

  • Tested to NIJ level III

  • Stopping M80, AK47 and M193

  • Stand alone | Requires no soft armor

  • 30x25 plate weighing only 1.5 kilo

  • 28 mm thick

  • Multicurved (side plates are Single curved)

  • SAPI/Shooters cut

  • Water resistant cordura cover against oil and similar liquids

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