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InfiRay CL42 V3 Thermal Clip-On

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N° Article : XI.CL42

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Meet Clip C Series


High Image Quality


Based on a thermal imaging detector a NETD≤25mk, Clip C series offers the sharpest image while retaining the accuracy of the day scope. Even in adverse weather conditions ensures the built-in Ultra-clear mode clear image quality and more details.

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AMOLED Micro Display


High contrast AMOLED micro display with HD resolution offers exceptionally crisp contrast image and vivid colors. It ensures excellent image quality and flawless performance even in freezing temperatures.

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No Rezeroing Required and Quick Attached


With the special calibration to the device, no rezeroing is required after attaching to the day scope. Clamp and Shoot, just one step to get start.


Compact Size and Lightweight


Every gram of weight that adds to the burden should be avoided when hunting. The attachment benefits from its compact size and light weight, so it does not significantly affect the balance of the rifle.

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Quick Transformation


Clip C series is a dual-use device since it can be switched into a professional monocular with optical monocular accessory in few seconds. It can be used as a thermal monocular for searching or as an attachment of day riflescope for shooting to avoid the burden of carrying both a handheld and a riflescope at the same time.  In addition, the optical Monocular with 4x basic magnification can also be used independently.

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Up to 8 hours of Operation Time


Normally using 2*CR123A batteries, the operating time is 4 hours;

Using extended battery compartment accessory, the device can be used with 2*16650 batteries, and the battery life is increased to 8 hours, which can meet the needs of all-night use and avoid frequent battery replacement.

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