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Fox FX-0171100 Bellum Daga


N° Article : FX0171100AF

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Chopping firewood, preparing food, carving, digging, hammering, levering — if you need an all-around knife for those examples of application, the Bellum Daga is definitely the wrong knife for you. But if you are looking for an uncompromising dagger that does not conceal its purpose, this is it. The slim double-edged blade with a thickness of 0.24" ends in a needle-like blade point. Due to the handle with its G10 scales and its milled structure it provides maximum grip in both directions. The pommel is intended as a hammer and can also be used as a defensive weapon. If the dagger had a soul it surely would be as black as its outer appearance. The blade is made from Bohler N690 steel and is delivered with an exclusive Kydex and Cordura sheath allowing for multiple carrying methods.

Fox Knives Military Division

Fox Knives Military Division (FKMD) is a special brand of Fox Knives, which was established in 2005. Their range of goods focuses on operation purposes, which matches the special requests of police, military and rescue units. Since the establishment, FKMD is a supplier of NATO and cooperates closely with elite units around the world.

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