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CELOPS Kit IFAK Intermediate -solutions trauma +

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N° Article : CELOPS 4087

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Carrying an inordinate amount of equipment to deal with every possible medical problem is unrealistic. To carry equipment that you do not have the skills to use is useless.

We offer first aid kits that have been designed, tested and validated by significant feedback from the field. Kits for those crucial situations where every minute, every gram, every piece of equipment, every gesture counts. In these kits, you will not find plasters or splinter forceps, no, they are intended to be used in rescue cases, vital emergencies such as massive hemorrhage, cardiac arrest,...

The IFAK Intermediate (Individual First Aid Kit) is a complete kit that allows you to have a quality material to try to save a life during an emergency situation. Based on numerous operational, civilian and military RetEx, it is designed to provide first aid to a victim of a serious illness and/or accident.

The IFAK Intermediate provides the rescuer with the essentials for stopping massive hemorrhage, clearing the upper airway, protecting oneself during the intervention and/or during insufflations during CPR, preventing hypothermia, raising the alarm...

A well thought-out, transparent checklist allows you to review the essentials of the intervention protocol without even having to open the kit. It also contains a "wounded" sheet which ensures, when handing over the wounded person to the professional rescue services, that no detail of our assessments and actions is omitted, thus making the rescuer a proactive link in the chain of survival.

Its vacuum packaging protects the contents from bad weather and other causes of degradation, while presenting a minimum weight and size.

Contents :

1 Checklist

1 CPR protection mask

1 Insulated blanket

1 H&H Gauze (woundpacking)

1 SWAT-T (Tourniquet)

Duct tape

1 Distress whistle 110 db

2 Sterile compresses

2 Pairs of nitrile gloves

1 "Injured" sheet

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