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The Right Look for Your Retro Rifle, Without Sacrificing Reliability

Our 20-round BRN-10 Waffle Magazine gives you the best of two worlds: It closely replicates the external appearance of the original Armalite® AR-10® magazines from the 1950s, including the distinctive "waffle" indentation pattern pressed into the body to give it extra rigidity. At the same time, the BRN-10 magazine fits modern DPMS LR-308 pattern AR-308 rifles, including all our Brownells BRN-10 rifles and lower receivers.

Working from blueprints for the original Dutch contract AR-10® magazines, our engineering team designed the BRN-10 Waffle Magazine to meet the exterior specifications of the now rare and valuable 50+-year-old originals. The only differences are the alterations to fit LR-308 mag well, the removal of over-insertion tabs at the top, and the removal of the rib in the magazine catch cutout.  This is the only magazine on the market that will fit and function in an original Dutch AR-10, as well as a modern BRN-10 or DPMS/SR-25 pattern rifle.

  • Full 20-round capacity - no need to underload by 1 or 2 rounds to ensure reliable feeding!
  • Strong/lightweight 6061 T6 aluminum alloy body
  • Smooth Zytel® nylon polymer follower

The BRN-10 Waffle Magazine body is made of stamped aluminum and given a durable hardcoat anodized finish for excellent resistance to surface wear and corrosion.  Following anodizing, the magazine receive a matte gray dry film lubricant application (pre-production renderings showed a black magazine).  The BRN-10 mag body is folded from a single sheet of aluminum, eliminating the extra "fold" at the front and rear.  There is a thin stainless steel strip riveted to the front of the magazine to prevent the 308 bullets from impacting and deforming the aluminum.

The most historically accurate looking magazine doesn't do any good if it won't feed properly. The BRN-10 Waffle's follower has the same profile as the Dutch AR-10's cast aluminum follower, but it's molded from modern Zytel® nylon polymer. Zytel will not bend and it is exceptionally slick - "self-lubricating" we like to call it - so it'll keep the round stack moving. The result is greatly reduced risk of hang-ups and failures to feel.

A Brownells 20-round Waffle Magazine is the finishing touch you need to give your BRN-10 Retro Rifle the correct period look. In fact, it's perfect for any situation where you need a robust, reliable, full-capacity mag that'll help you sling plenty of .308 lead downrange!

Note:  In order to ensure compatibility with original AR-10 and BRN-10/DPMS/SR-25 rifles, the original over insertion stops were removed, and no over-insertion stop is present below the magazine catch.  This magazine can be over-inserted, and may show wear on the front lip.  This is purely cosmetic, and will not affect function. 

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