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ARMASPEC Victory Charging Handle Black

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N° Article : 100038297

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An Ambidextrous Charging Handle That Blocks Gas Blowback
Throughout the AR-15 world, it's pretty well understood that the mil-spec charging handle is an outdated design that should be upgraded at the first opportunity. The Armaspec Victory Charging Handle is a perfect enhancement for this rifle component, thanks to its universal, ambidextrous design. However, that's not all that's beneficial about the Armaspec Victory Charging Handle. This handle design also does much more inside the receiver. The handle's integrated vent ports ensure that any gas blowing back from the chamber will be routed downward, away from the face. The design also incorporates center-force charging, which avoids twisting and warping the handle shaft. Each Armaspec Victory Charging handle is made right here in the USA from 7075-T6 aluminum and fits all 5.56/.223 rifles on the market.
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