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Otis All Rifle Caliber Cleaning System



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Every hunter or marksman has a go-to rifle – or two or three. It could be the classic lever action your dad used to hunt with, the .270 you take out west, or your first .22. Whatever caliber rifle they may be, treat them as well as they’ve treated you. Contains the brushes needed to clean and maintain .22 and .35 cal. rifles. Patch cleans all rifles from .17 - .45 cal.
-8", 30" and 34" Memory-Flex® Cables for effective and correct Breech-to-Muzzle® cleaning

-Two (2) caliber-specific bronze bore brushes remove copper deposits and other fouling

-Solid brass obstruction removal tools for jammed cases and other blockages

-O85® Ultra Bore® solvent helps clean, lubricate and protect the barrel in one step

Lightweight soft pack with belt loop for convenient carrying

- Dimensions: 4" x 4" x 2"
  • SKU: FG-210 BX