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Nato-Ammo cal.5.56×45mm NATO Ball 1000RND

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Cartridges cal. 5.56×45 mm NATO Ball

Nato-Ammo cal.5.56×45mm NATO Ball 1000RND cal. 5.56×45 mm NATO Ball rounds are being manufactured according to the requirements of STANAG 4172.

In 2005 cartridges were successfully qualified at NATO European Regional Test Center (ERTC) in UK and gained right to mark its cartridges with NATO interchangeability sign.

GP21 is a marking of standard Nato-Ammo cal.5.56×45mm NATO Ball 1000RND 5.56×45 mm cartridges produced in accordance to the requirements for SS109.

Cartridges may be also manufactured according to the special requirements of the customer.

The marking of a packing is standard or could be prepared according to the requirements of the customer. Cartridges may be linked, clipped or delivered in bulk packing.

Products have confirmed NSN (NATO Stock Number).

NATO Design number is AC/225-130A.

Technical data
Caliber 5.56 mm
Bullet NATO Ball
Cartridge mass 11.85 ± 0.45 g
Bullet mass 4 ± 0.1 g
Bullet speed 911 ± 15 m/s
Propellant Double based
Primer Boxer, non-toxic